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Different Types of Windows

Types of Window

While the primary function of windows is to let in light and allow for ventilation, the fact is that they can vary a great deal in design and form. Windows can be customized to meet architectural designs and personal styles. Plus, each window type has its own function as some are primed for sweeping views of the landscape while others are optimized for larger airflows.
When looking at the types of windows for your home, don’t just assume that large windows are the preferred choice. The larger the window, the more difficult it is to clean and maintain. Yes they will allow in more natural light and airflow but more ventilation also means more dust in the room. That’s something to stay mindful of as you don’t want to be dusting or vacuuming every day.
Let’s take a closer look at the types of windows for homes if you’re looking for an upgrade to the ones you currently have:
EuroSeal installs Casement Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA
Casement windows are engineered such that they’re attached to their frame with the use of hinges on the side. They can either be used singly or in pairs utilizing a common frame.
Casement windows are usually operated with a crank, lever, or handle located at the bottom of the window. This lever can also lock the window so that it stays in place. These types of windows are great for ventilation as air is allowed to pass through the entire opening. You can literally open the entire window if you like, meaning they’re best-suited for hotter, temperate climates where you want the heat to dissipate quickly.
Casement windows can also be reliably suited for replacement windows, in the case that your current windows break or are damaged. They might not be wholly appropriate for the winter because of the fact that they don’t trap heat very well.
EuroSeal manufactures and installs quality Awning Windows for your Toronto home
As we continue the discussion on window types, the next one on the list are Awning windows.
They’re similar to Casement windows in the sense that they, too, have a ‘crank-out’ design where they’re secured by a hinge and there’s a lever at the bottom which you have to turn in order for the window to open or close.
Awning windows fall in the vinyl windows category but they don’t correspond to a fixed size or width. They’re great for hard-to-reach spaces such as above the kitchen sink or in your bathroom. When you open the Awning window, you’re optimizing your ventilation and air flow as they’re able to catch the breeze and refresh the surroundings. Plus, Awning windows incorporate a sash which means it’s okay to open them even if it’s raining outside; a feature that isn’t part of Casement windows.
Awning windows are also great for lighting and decorative purposes. Their clear design gives people an unobstructed view and helps solve those seasonal blues. What’s more, they’re ideally suited for window openings that are wider in length than they are tall due to the slide design.
Single Hung Windows by EuroSeal for your home in Toronto and the GTA
Single hung windows are one of the more common window types. Single hung windows come equipped with a movable lower sash while the upper sash is fixed. They typically offer less ventilation than other window types as part of the window is fixed and cannot be opened. Some may think this is a disadvantage, however it’s important to note that single hung windows work great in colder climates as they are able to prevent heat from escaping.
That’s why single hung windows are often found in climates such as Canada and the Scandinavian countries. They’re versatile and can be used in smaller spaces. While ventilation is one of their drawbacks, they’re still pretty adept at lighting and illumination.
We install Double Hung Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA
Double hung windows differ from their single hung cousin in the sense that they have two movable sashes. While single hung windows have their upper sash fixed and in place, double hung windows can move either up or down depending on the type of latch used.
As you might imagine, double hung windows are excellent for ventilation purposes as they can allow in lots of air. This means they’re ideally suited for warmer climates and can save on things like energy costs as the ventilation reduces the need for constant air conditioning. However, they’re not really good at trapping heat as the frames aren’t airlocked.
Double hung windows are also an example of large windows as they can occupy spaces considerably bigger in size. Some families may prefer to place plants and flowers next to them as they allow in more light and are excellent for ventilation. If you install a double hung window, you’ll notice that you can clean them from both inside and outside without the need for a ladder. That’s because both sashes can be opened up.
Another advantage of double hung windows is that if you open both sashes to about halfway in length, you’ll see that air will naturally flow through the lower opening and out the upper opening leading to excellent cross-ventilation and superior air quality.
Single Slider Windows for Your Toronto Home from EuroSeal
Single slider windows are window types that have one sash fixed while the other sash is able to slide horizontally. They’re almost exclusively used for small spaces such as basement rooms and above bathroom windows. But that doesn’t mean they’re inefficient in anyway, far from it actually.
If you’re looking for replacement windows, then single slider windows are an excellent window type for that. That’s because they’re cheaper to purchase and install than larger windows such as awning and casement windows. Not only are they simple to operate, they’re remarkably easy to clean and maintain. You won’t need to call on the help of a handyman to service them as they’re easily tackled with your existing skillset.
Another advantage of single slider windows is that they’re great at trapping heat and promote energy efficiency practices. Your centralized heat won’t need to run all night as a single slider window will prevent the heat from escaping. Their small size does, however, mean they won’t let a lot of air in so if you might need to invest in a fan or other ventilation during the warm summer nights.
EuroSeal installs Double Slider Windows for your Toronto home
As the name suggests, double slider windows are similar to single slider windows except that both window sashes can be opened. What’s more, the window sashes can also tilt which makes cleaning them extremely easy and effortless.
Double slider windows are excellent for ventilation purposes. While they can be the same size as single slider windows, their ventilation capabilities are almost double because of the fact that both windows can open. As such, they are suited for both warm and cold climates.
Some folks in extremely cold regions might not prefer double slider windows as there’s an obvious disadvantage of greater heat dissipation. This means they’re not as energy efficient and you might have higher power bills as a result. Nonetheless, they work like a charm in summer as you don’t need an extra cooling mechanism such as a fan to attract cooler air.
Double slider vinyl windows can be custom made and are suited to fit a space perfectly.
Bay Windows for Your Toronto Property
Bay windows are a combination of different window types which can angle out beyond the exterior wall. They’re great for those with an artistic sense as they add character and liveliness to the house both from the exterior and interior.
Bay windows suit spaces like a study or entertainment room due to the amount of natural light they allow in. They can also be of the floor-to-ceiling variety, providing excellent views of the landscape and preventing seasonal affective disorder. Plus, because they’re made up of different window types, they’re perfect at ventilation and getting in a cool breeze. Since Bay windows are not fixed, they can also be cleaned easily from the inside without having to use an unwieldy piece of equipment like a ladder.
We install Bow & Bay Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA
Bow windows are similar to Bay windows in the sense that they’re perfect for large spaces but they differ in their design element. Bow windows are made up of at least four windows of equal dimensions which can be either fixed or have a latch, as per your requirements.
Bow windows let in lots of natural light and are suited for larger spaces. If you live in a colder climate then you might consider investing in fixed bow windows as they’ll keep your house warm and cosy. However, if you have hot summer months then a fixed bow window might not appeal to you as there will be negligible air flow and poor ventilation.
Bow windows let in lots of natural light and are suited for larger spaces. If you live in a colder climate then you might consider investing in fixed bow windows as they’ll keep your house warm and cosy. However, if you have hot summer months then a fixed bow window might not appeal to you as there will be negligible air flow and poor ventilation.

Pay close attention to what is covered in the warranty terms and what you would have to pay for out of pocket. Remember to ask about guarantees on the materials and the labor associated with the installation. Doing so will come in handy if some sort of issue arises while the windows are still under warranty.


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