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Different Types of
Replacement Windows

Did someone happen to break a window belonging to your house? Are you interested in changing the design or arrangement of the structured apertures in your house for whatever reason?
Were you lost looking through the countless options for replacement windows in Toronto per say while listening to the mixed opinions from different sellers?
Well, don’t feel down because this article is here to help all renovators, amateur or not, to amass the proper knowledge to make the correct choice window-shopping!
In the following paragraph, we will run you through the pros and the cons on different types of replacement windows, the diverse range of available colour schemes for these light and air openings, as well as the various accompanying glass options.
Casement Windows
EuroSeal installs Casement Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA
Casement windows come in forms where height is greater than the width and are often available for purchase in single, double, triple, quadruple or even quintuple-lite configurations.
These frameworks with panes are quite popular for their classy appearance and the way they make use of a crank and some hinges implemented on one of their sides to open a full 90 degrees laterally.
You might be wondering why these architects, that sound way too simple, are popular among home residents? I mean, what can this old-school window possibly bring to the table?
Well, believe it or not, regardless of how straightforward they may seem, сasement windows have a lot to offer; in fact, they actually come with their own list of pros and cons.
The effects casements can have are often not expected and typically neglected by plenty of novice and impulse buyers. Ignoring them is not something recommended doing, unless you’re looking for a final result that leaves much to be desired.
To avoid any mistakes or buying something not wanted, here are the main points of the Casement window we recommend skimming over.
  • Provides Good Security - This type of see through barrier is quite hard to break into. The locks, shaped in the form of the hook, are firmly lodged within the frame, making them untouchable existences to lock pickers.
  • Very Energy Efficient - Casement windows are the most energy efficient operable windows out there.
  • Easy To Open - Desire a little airflow? Open it up! Unlike windows with hinges on their top or bottom, casement windows are better at opening and general movement since conflicts between gravity and sashes hinged sideways do not occur.
  • Very Weathertight - Since the casement window seal and sash meet each other head on, air infiltration is strongly defended against. When it comes down to it, in terms of being weathertight, among operable varieties, casement windows are second only to single slider windows.
  • Easy Maintenance - Being able to pull out the screens from the inside is one of the many advantages casement windows have to offer. Therefore, dealing with them, means homeowners have less of a hassle window cleaning.
  • More Breakable Mechanical Parts - Casement windows heavily rely on their crank and various mechanical devices attached to open up the sash. This can be a problem if the crank itself or any connecting parts like the gears become rusted, broken or frozen.
  • Casement Window Conflicts - Side-by-side casement window sashes will clash when the swings are reversed (Imagine one opening up to the right and the other to the left at the same time). This also frequently occurs in inside corners independent of direction.
  • Provides Unwanted Sun Reflection - Depending on the angle of the open sash, occasional unwanted sunlight may reflect into the residence.
  • Higher Chances Of Getting Weatherbeaten - In view of the sashes being opened outward, the window sash is a lot more prone to rusting, being broken down by extreme weather conditions (I.e. Extreme heat, snow, hail, rain..) and being completely torn off by harsh winds.
Awning Windows
Awning Windows for Your Toronto Property
Awnings are quite similar to casements in the sense that both are classified as “crank windows”. The difference however lies in the placement of the hinges as well as the dimensions of spacing they’re most suited for.
As aforementioned, casement windows are made to open sideways and only come in geometrical shapes (commonly rectangles) that are taller than they are wide.
An awning on the other hand is the exact inverse of its counterpart. Not only does it take up more width then height, its hinges are placed on the top to permit one to open up or down rather than to the left or right.
Nonetheless, despite the differences awning windows do come with their own advantages and disadvantages (why else would they exist?) and going by the previous format, underneath is the expected list of pros and cons.
  • Allows Ventilation, Even During A Little Rain - Awning windows open outward, thus creating an awning/umbrella effect that shields against light rain/snow/hail while still allowing air to enter the home.
  • Versatility in Decor - These sorts of windows can be made quite small which give them the advantage of being installed in higher places other windows could not fit. For this reason, awning windows are manufactured in many sorts of designs that give you the freedom to place them in almost any space.
  • More Light - Because these construction pieces only have one sash and no dividends, unlike other types of window frames, the maximum amount of natural light is always permitted to shine through.
  • Requires Free Space - Trees, shrubs, vines, any traffic and the like should be situated away from the opening of the window.
  • Frequent Washing - Since awning windows open outwards, their sash is fully exposed to the outside world and become dirty much faster as a result. For this reason, cleaning them will be needed more often.
  • Difficult Cleaning - Unlike Casement windows, awnings cannot be cleaned from the inside. Wiping away the dirt may become hassle unless these windows are situated on the ground floor (Otherwise, it’s time to get your ladder out!).
Architectural Shaped Windows
Architectural shaped windows are perfect for complementing and bestowing a bit more style to building complexes. These see-through frames come in a wide variety of geometrical forms. Ranging from the simple rectangle to more creative moulds like hearts or pentagons.
Casement Fixed (Or Picture) Windows
Wide Windows for Your Toronto Property from EuroSeal
Casement fixed windows are frequently seen alone or aligned in a row next to other windows. They essentially share the same design as a regular casement aperture but have one main deviation that differentiates the two. What is it? Well, it’s the fact that they do not open.
“So they don’t have a crank or anything?” Might be a question that’s on your mind.
Well the answer is not always.
Not always meaning they may or may not come attached to cranks on their sides.
“What’s the point of the crank then?” The crank is not attached to any sort of mechanism and is not operable. It is usually only there for ornamental reasons.
To make this a little clearer on the point of getting this sort of window, as per the pattern this article is following, below is a list of its pros and cons.
  • Provides Good Security - This goes without saying since casement picture windows share many of the attributes of an operable Casement window.
  • Truly weather impermeable - Fixed windows are the most weather tight among all the other types of windows on the market. Therefore, if you’re looking to prevent outside air-infiltration (Perhaps due to highly polluted surroundings), this may be an extremely appealing option for you.
  • Encourages the entrance of natural light - Even the smallest of picture windows allow a great amount of natural light in.
  • Exceptionally Energy Efficient
  • Budget friendly. Fixed windows are most often one of the least expensive types since they do not require mechanical parts to move which greatly reduces their cost.
  • Difficult Maintenance. This is compared the regular casement window, simply due to the fact that fixed versions are not operable and cannot be turned in for quick cleaning.
  • No Ventilation - Since picture windows cannot be opened, getting in a little natural ventilation or airflow from outside is not exactly an option. When it gets hot, it may be necessary to purchase an air conditioner to adjust the home’s temperature.
Slim Fixed Windows
As does any other fixed window, these architectural light exposures DO NOT open. Slim fixed windows come with narrow frames that permit a wider glass surface area, matching those of slider and hung window varieties.
Windows under this category tend to have lower profile & minimalistic designs that avoid distracting from the view on the other side. It’s the little details that can make all the difference at times.
Here are some of the benefits and detriments belonging to them.
  • Comes in Customizable Shapes - Slim fixed windows have the benefit of coming in a variety of house window styles. If you have a certain appearance in mind, one can simply customize them by choosing from an unlimited range of architectural shapes and curves.
  • Viewing space is maximized - Thanks to their narrow frame, a larger portion of the surface area is occupied by the glass; in the end leaving more room to enjoy the views.
  • No Ventilation - Again, considering picture windows cannot be opened, getting in a little natural ventilation or airflow from outside is not an option. To adjust the home’s temperature, residents will need to go out of their way to purchase an air conditioner.
  • Difficult Maintenance - Picture windows are not operable and can not be turned in for quick cleaning like a casement window can.
Single Slider Tilt Windows
Single Slider Windows for Your Toronto Home
Single slider tilt windows are known for the single pane of glass in their possession that can tilt open and slide horizontally. The great appreciation architects feel towards them is largely attributable to the fact that they are easy to use and carry a simple style capable of being comfortably modified whenever desired.
Moreover, since slider windows have the capacity to slide open rather than occupy space by extending the stash outward, they happen to be ideal for replacing windows in smaller spaces. So if you have a lot of bushes or obstructions in the way, this may be the window for you!
If you’re considering buying, not much further down is a helpful list of some of the pros and cons that accompany this sort of purchase to be aware of.
  • Easy Maintenance - The main advantage of these architectural designs that entices many renovators is their easy to clean feature. The sash(es) ability to tilt inward enable for effortless washing.
  • Unobstructed Views - A clear screen insert can be supported by the single fitted sash, resulting in a clearer view of the outside and plenty of natural light inside.
  • Air Ventilation - Users simply need to slide open or tilt the sash to get a feel for the weather on the outside and welcome the natural air inside.
  • Easy to Use - This should be self explanatory but it’s quite simple to take advantage of the mechanisms offered by these windows with a simply pull and push.
  • Difficulty Opening - Slider windows rely on the slider’s tracks to allow the sash to move laterally, opening and closing, with ease. However, when the tracks rust, break or get gritty, opening the window can become a challenge for homeowners.
  • Cost - Averaging a cost between $250 and $950 per window, slider varieties are not as popular or commonplace as they once were. The reason for the steeper price compared to other sets is owed to the complexity in the making of the multiple moving sashes.
Double Slider Tilt Windows
Double Slider Windows for Your Toronto Home
Double slider tilt windows are considerably desirable among homeowners. This operable window is made similar to single slider tilt windows with a minimalistic design and glass capable of tilting and gliding on the sash track.
The only differentiation between the two is the number of glass panes held by the frames (In case you couldn’t tell, the double slider has two while the single carries one). This in turn allows for more air ventilation when opened.
Single Hung Tilt Windows
Single Hung Windows by EuroSeal for your home in Toronto and the GTA
Single hung tilt windows are created with a fixed upper sash and an operable bottom sash capable of tilting in for easy cleaning.
  • Inexpensive - Single hung tilt windows are often much more affordable than their doubled partner.
  • Easy Cleaning - The main advantage of these architectural designs is their easy to clean feature. The lower sash(es) ability to tilt inward enables for effortless washing from the comfort of one’s own residence.
  • Ventilation - Being easy to open and use, little ventilation is not a concern.
  • Doesn’t Require Much Space - Since these windows don’t open outward, they are perfect for installing in areas where space is limited.
  • Cleaning - Although the lower sash can tilt in to facilitate the entire maintenance process, the top cannot do the same considering it is fixed in place. For that part, scrubbing necessitates a bit more energy.
  • Difficulty Opening - Gravity can become a concern because of the constant battle against the sash that moves up and down.
  • More Hardware maintenance - With the lower sash fighting gravity, more hardware maintenance is suggested to keep opening it trouble-free.
Double Hung Tilt Windows
Double Hung Windows for Your Toronto Home
Double hung Tilt windows have the same appearance as the single hung tilt windows, except both their sashes are operable and can be tilted.
  • Easy Cleaning - Again, the main advantage of these architectural designs is their easy to clean feature. The sash(es) ability to tilt inward enables for effortless washing from the comfort of one’s own residence. Luckily, when it comes to double hung windows, both sashes are easing to wash since they both can turn in.
  • Ventilation - Open up and feel double the breeze since not just one, but both sashes are operable!
  • Doesn’t Require Much Space - Since these windows don’t open outward, they are perfect for installing in areas where space is limited.
  • Difficulty Opening - Gravity can become a concern with double-hung windows because of the constant battle against the sashes that move up and down.
  • More Hardware maintenance - With the sashes fighting gravity, more hardware maintenance is definitely suggested to maintain the integrity of the tracks and keep the smooth openings.
Bay Windows
We install Bow & Bay Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA
Highly popular in Victorian architecture, bay windows are in demand because they have the amazing ability to add dimension and visual interest to any building. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if there are other houses in your neighbourhood that show them off have caught your attention at a point in time.
One is formed when a larger picture window and two flankers are arranged in an arc that reaches beyond the building’s interior walls at an angle of 90, 135 or 150 degrees; The result forming a snug recess in the room’s layout.
Now besides their eye-catching form, mainly coming in the shape of a polygon or square, bay windows also have a lot to give and take when it comes to practicality. Something’s that you may find intriguing.
  • Brings in A lot of Natural Light - Since bay windows have three transparent sides to them, it’s only common sense that they bring in a lot of light from outside.
  • Becomes A Gorgeous Focal Point - Bay windows can become gorgeous sights to behold and often the main room attractions when the alcove they build is accentuated by complementing furniture and colours. This can be a great thing that will allow owners to get higher sales prices in real estate considering the style is greatly enjoyed by investors.
  • Adds Space - As we’ve already established, these architectural creations add a little more free space to places where they’re installed. You can make it into a sitting region, a shelf or leave it minimal to give off an illusion of an expanded, wider, and more open living area.
  • Risk of Structural issues - Thinking of putting in the glassed beauty by yourself to cut costs? Think again. When non-professionals install bay windows incorrectly, the windows are at high risk of developing structural issues that may consequently end up costing you more than planned long-term. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to get a certified installer for the job.
  • More Hardware maintenance - With the sashes fighting gravity, more hardware maintenance is definitely suggested to maintain the integrity of the tracks and keep the smooth openings.
Bow Windows
Bay Windows for Your Toronto Property
Just like bay windows, bow windows are in demand because they have the amazing ability to add dimension and visual interest to any building (do these words sound familiar?). Categorized as a variety of bay window, bow windows carry the same design except they protrude in a curved (not angular) fashion with 4-5 panels (rather than 3) of the same size forming the arc.
Speaking of panels, because bow windows have a higher amount of projections (resulting in a bigger width), this fashionable installation allows for more natural light to come through. Besides that, bow windows essentially come with the same pros and cons of the bay window.
Replacement Windows Colour Options
When it comes to refurbishing your (or someone else’s) home, aside from choosing the types of windows, it’s majorly important to contemplate the types of replacement windows’ colour options you want in your establishment.
After all, it’s doubted that anybody would want they’re house looking like a royal fiasco because of some clashing furniture and wall coloration.
Thankfully, there exist good companies like Big City Windows, that offer a multitude of shades and tints to choose from.
Ranging from minimalistic shades ( i.e. white, stone harbour, black iron..), to vivid colours (i.e. peal green, sandalwood, ivory…), to darker tones with depth (Royal blue, Fiddlehead Green…).
So rest assured. Regardless of what option you’ve decided on from all the replacement windows style for homes mentioned above, blending in with your home decor will not be an issue.
Window Glass Options
We’ve come a long way, but it’s important to understand that knowing the windows’ architecture is only two-thirds of the battle.
When changing home windows establishment owners need to be clear on the glass options available to the masses.
Is privacy an issue? Does style matter more? Is security a concern?
Know what’s wanted, then figure out what matches. Certain window glass’ can provide so much, but WHAT it provides is the thing that should be paid attention to.
Below is a short list of the major glass window types and names with their descriptions that can greatly help and point clients in the right direction.
Obscure Glass
Private, obscure glass windows for your Toronto property
Obscure glass comes in many different styles and continues to rise in popularity. The term itself generally applies to any rolled up glass with patterns embedded into their surface.
Despite being typically used for ornamental and decorative purposes, it does offer some other practical advantages for all house windows types; the main ones being privacy and security. Obscure glass aids in preventing outsiders from peeking through your home due to certain image distortion qualities is possesses. Don’t worry; you can still see the views from the inside.
Tinted Glass
Gorgeous tinted glass windows for your Toronto home
As the name suggests, tinted glass is basically glass that is tinted or shaded. The colours and shades go from plain black to more fun hues like orange or pink.
Now besides the fun and creative effect is can have on windows, tinted glass comes with many other benefits not very known such as;
  • Protection Against UV Rays - Tinted glass greatly reduces the amount of solar rays that trespassing into your house. Aiding your skin in the long run and reducing overall air conditioning needs (Saving energy is always a plus!).
  • Glare Reduction - Glare can make an environment rather uncomfortable to work in and promote strain on your eyes when dealing with electronics. If you are often busy on the computer and wish to alleviate common eye tension, opting for tinted glass may be a great investment for your physical well-being.
  • Security Enhancement - Similar to obscure glass, glass that is tinted makes peeping and stalking the inside a lot more difficult. This can be of great use when defending against intruders or at least slowing them down. Be sure to discuss with the tinters their specialization before purchasing, since there exist several varieties serving different purposes (some focusing on security and others decoration).
  • Easy Maintenance - Depending on the way it was shaded, tinted glass usually has scratch and elemental resistant properties. This makes it much easier to upkeep and maintain in proper condition in the long term.
Tempered Glass
Tempered glass is one of the better windows when it comes to ensuring the safety of your home. This type undergoes a process called quenching, which involves extreme heats and rapid cooling, that turns it into a safety glass approximately 4-5 times tougher than your average annealed variety. Additionally, when it shatters the small pieces turn into little pebbles that do not carry sharp edges
Laminated Glass
Laminated glass constitutes two or more plies of glass placed together with a vinyl interlayer acting as a separator in between. This design makes it cut-proof and allows it to stay intact when shattered rather than being scattered across the yard. For these reasons, it is eligible to be considered as a safety glazing material.
Aside from this point, laminated glass also provides many other advantages one might not expect.
  • Blocks UV Rays - Laminated glass can block up to 99 percent of UV-light transmissions. This is a great feature when trying to cut energy usage with inventions like the air conditioner.
  • Bullet-resistant - This attribute applies to the multi-layered forms. This precautionary measure may be very desirable in high-crime rate regions.
  • Sound Reduction - Laminated glass is stocked with qualities that reduce noise and act as a sound insulator. Therefore, if privacy and silence is of utmost importance and you desire the least amount of sound to travel in or out of the house, laminated glass is a great option to consider.
Aside from the listed, there are many other glass varieties for different replacement window styles for homes that should be explored as well. Some of them include:
  • Wired Glass (Fire-resistant)
  • Low-E Glass (Directs heat away from house during summer)
  • Mirrored Glass (Often used for decorative purposes, check out some house window styles pictures with mirrored glass for better mental imagery)
  • Float Glass (Thin, basic glass)
Final Thoughts
Hopefully this article detailing all the different window types and styles for homes has helped you or any homeowner you know out. It can be tough when you’re new and confused by all the available options out there; especially when all these architectural assets have so many different gains to bring to the plate.
Don’t worry, even with the many different window styles for homes, when you realize the attributes needing prioritizing, choosing become a whole lot easier.
Have any other questions left? Please feel free to contact us today! Our experts will be happy to help you select the perfect window type for your home!


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