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Brampton Windows and Doors

Brampton is on its way to becoming a sizeable, bustling city full of new houses, apartments, townhomes and more. A major (and sometimes underestimated) facet of any new home are its windows and doors. For over 30 years, EuroSeal has provided Brampton residents with high quality and energy efficient windows and doors.
EuroSeal is one of the top window and door manufacturers in Canada. Several of the services that we offer are:

Window manufacturing

Window installation

Door manufacturing

Door installation
And more!

Whether you are buying a new home, or undergoing a renovation to upgrade it, EuroSeal is here to guide you through every step in manufacturing and installing your windows and doors.
EuroSeal provides a range of styles and options to choose from. Some of the styles that we offer are:

Casement windows

Single-hung windows

Double-hung windows

Single slider windows

Double slider windows

Bay windows

Awning windows

Bow windows


Sliding doors

Steel doors

Why choose EuroSeal Windows and Doors?

The choice to install new windows and doors in your home is an investment that will pay off in value. EuroSeal will help find the right windows and doors for you that suit your home, vision and budget.
If you are not sure which style of windows or doors is best, explore the options below.

Replacement Windows

Windows are great for several reasons. Two main reasons are energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Windows play a role in maintaining the structure and comfort of the home by helping regulate the temperature. They can also play a role in upgrading the aesthetic of your home by becoming a staple in any room of the house.

Energy Efficiency

With windows in Brampton, both reasons play a factor in replacing them. Brampton is known for its various climate conditions – especially with hot summers and cold winters. Older windows tend to not be insulated very well, which can lead to the heater in your home working overtime in the cold winter months. This leads to hiked up costs, and too much energy wasted.
EuroSeal can help install energy efficient windows which will eliminate the cold and regulate the temperature evenly throughout your home. If this is an issue that you face, consider investing in new windows to decrease your energy costs.

Aesthetic Appeal

A simple way to liven up your home is to upgrade your windows by choosing the perfect type that can become the focal point of any room in your home. EuroSeal provides a variety of window styles from vinyl windows to bay windows, with the purpose of sprucing up your home, while serving the dual purpose of being functional and energy efficient.
If you are looking to sell, and need to add some value to your property, EuroSeal, a trusted window company in Brampton and the GTA, can help with windows that boast quality and aesthetic appeal.
Below are list of the windows that EuroSeal can manufacture, install and/or replace:

Bow windows – tall windows that allow for a great view and comfortable space.

Awning windows – clear ventilation in all weather conditions.

Bay windows – ventilation and maximum sunlight to retain heat indoors.

Double slider windows – quality insulation and easy maintenance.

Single slider windows – maximum efficiency and comfort in all climates.

Casement windows – maximum ventilation, as well as exceptional style and efficiency.

Single-hung windows – fitted with cutting edge drainage chambers and has a smooth finish.

Double-hung windows – fusion-welded windows designed for durability and visual appeal.

With the installation and/or replacement of windows in Toronto, the GTA and across Canada, your home will become more energy efficient, insulated and livelier.


Sliding Patio Doors

These doors are considered to be must-have staples for any backyard or patio, especially throughout Summer and Fall! These sliding doors are maintenance-free and maximize the use of the added attributes to give customers the best experience possible.

Steel Doors

According to our experts, to achieve top quality, only the best type of material should be used in accordance with our specialties. For this reason, we have decided to present to you Euroseal steel doors!

Regardless if it is the entry or garden doors, our expertly handcrafted steel doors should not and will not fail to meet (or even exceed) customer’s appearance or security expectations.

Showcasing rigid steel facings, flexible magnetic and compression weather stripping, heavy duty steel hinges, pre-finished factory white slabs, kiln dried pine frame (to prevent warping and rotting, and plenty more; You’ll fall in love with these doors before you know it.

Hopefully, all this information has helped any readers or novice shoppers into making more informed decisions on windows and doors for your Toronto home. If things are still a tad confusion rest assured, as windows and doors manufacturers, we will always be ready and happy to help any customer in need.

Feel free to check out our windows and doors reviews for a better view and more confidence in our staff.

One of the most understated features of a home are its doors. Doors are typically the first thing anyone spots when walking up to a home. If done right, they can easily become the centre of attention of any home’s front entrance, while also being energy efficient and durable.
As one of the top door manufacturers in Brampton (and the rest of the GTA), EuroSeal specializes in door replacement and installation. With the ever changing climate in Brampton, you want a door that can be stylish, durable and highly secure for all weather conditions – whether it’s a front door as your main entrance or a patio door for summer activities.
Some of the doors that EuroSeal manufactures, installs and replaces are:

Steel doors – stylish, durable and highly secure.

Sliding doors – easily maintained and highly energy efficient.

Whether you are looking for a door for the main entrance or a patio door leading to your backyard, EuroSeal can offer some of the highest quality doors that range in design. With our competitive prices, you can get the door that you desire within your budget!

Window Replacement & Installation

Windows are typically replaced for two main reasons:
1. Energy Efficiency
2. Aesthetic Appeal
Older windows are not as insulated as today’s modern windows and this can result in a lot of energy wasted when it comes to keeping the home warm. Also, older windows may lack the modern style and aesthetic value desired by most homeowners today – especially for those looking to buy!
As one of Brampton’s primary window replacement and installation companies, EuroSeal can help replace your windows. This is an investment that will help reduce long term costs and time spent on maintenance.
If you are wondering about the cost of window replacement in Brampton, consider the following factors:

Type/Style – the more elaborate the window, the higher the cost.

Size – custom sizes will lead to an increase in price, unlike the standard sizes.

Regardless of the type of window that you want, EuroSeal will work with you to get those windows replaced at a budget that we both can agree on!



We’d Recommend EuroSeal’s Services

We damaged one of the external hinges a month ago, and your company’s prompt and efficient handling of the service call was impressive! We appreciate how quickly your company sent over a representative to fix the problem.

Mark & Lin C. Whitby, ON.

Couldn’t Ask For More

We especially appreciated the help of your craftsman in choosing the appropriate style and colour for our first home. In the end, the windows look beautiful and I’m extremely happy with how easy they are to clean.

Leah & Richard P. Milton, ON.

Beyond Our Expectations

It is our pleasure to say thanks for a great job done by your company. Luke and his colleague did a lovely job and they were very well mannered. It was a pleasure having them around.

Martin And Phillis S. Toronto, ON.

Astonishing Value

We had done our share of research before finally deciding to go with your company and we must say that EuroSeal really had the greatest value. Guess we can chalk it up to working with a manufacturer.

Kevin & Family. Scarborough, ON.

We’d Use EuroSeal Again

It’s not everyday that I take the time to email a contractor… but my wife insisted! You guys did a great job and you kept it quick and quiet. We’ve got a newborn who sleeps often and your man did a good job not waking her up. Cheers.

Mike & Erin B. Richmond Hill, ON.

Knowledgable Pros

We recently moved to our new house and needed to do some repairs and renovations. Your company was recommended by our very pleased friends. The windows look amazing and the installation job Richard did was first class.

Sue & Phil N. Markham, ON

Absolutely Great Service

We just wanted to write to say thanks because the window quality is great and your helpful craftsman and professional installers made the entire experience wonderful. We only wish we could have this experience with all of our renovation projects.

James & Marie T. Oshawa, ON.

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