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Replacing Your Windows: Exploring Your Options

How much do you know about the types of windows on the market today? At EuroSeal Windows & Doors, we want each client to know what choices they have and which will work best for them.

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EuroSeal installs Casement Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA

Windows that are hinged along one side of the frame or casement. Our welded frame and sash casement window provides superior protection from the elements while giving your windows a clean and simple look.

Single Hung Windows by EuroSeal for your home in Toronto and the GTA

A common favorite, single hung windows include a top sash that is stationary and a bottom sash that moves up and down. This option works with just about any home style and is among the most affordable on the market. It’s also among the most affordable window options.

We install Double Hung Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA

Unlike single hung, both sashes can be moved up and down. Homeowners who love the idea of adjusting one or both sashes for maximum air flow will love this design.

EuroSeal manufactures and installs quality Awning Windows for your Toronto home

A form of casement window with the hinges found along the top. This allows you to swing the bottom out and let in fresh air. Many people who like to keep the window open while it rains love this practical solution.

Double Slider Windows for Your Toronto Home

Double sliders include two sashes that can be moved horizontally rather than vertically. Since both sashes slide along tracks, it’s easy to adjust the amount of air flow you want to come through the window. You’ll also find this window one of the easiest to maintain and clean.

Bay Windows for Your Toronto Property

Constructed to extend outward from the wall, a bay window adds style and also a little extra space in the room. The design can include large panes that are fixed in place or a series of single or double hung windows that allow you to let in a little or a lot of fresh air.

We install Bow & Bay Windows for your property in Toronto and the GTA

Much like bay windows, bow windows also extend outward but usually includes a design with softer angles. The curved style adds visual interest to the room and the home’s exterior.

Replacement Windows Cost

With Euroseal Windows, the cost per window begins at $225.00 including the installation charges. You will order directly from the manufacturer. If financing is needed, we have plans that begin as low as $39.00 per month.

Contact us today and schedule a visit with one of our contractors. Together, we’ll settle on the window style that’s right for your home and your budget.