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Window Replacement in Toronto

Windows are one of the most underestimated pieces in a household.
Windows, if done right and depending on their architectural style, can become one of the focal points of a residence. They come manufactured in a variety of ways – allowing clients to have a range of options to choose from,
When it comes to window replacement in Toronto, an area where the climate is unpredictable, several factors should be considered. These factors are quality, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. High quality windows are essential to the insulation and protection against the outdoor weather conditions.
A properly insulated window can increase energy efficiency by minimizing the use of heating during the winter months. In addition to those two qualities, aesthetic appeal is essential to adding a certain desired look or style to your home.
If you are a Canadian in need of window replacement in Toronto and the GTA, look no further As one of the leading manufacturers and installers of replacement windows, Euroseal can help.
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Our Window Installation Process

EuroSeal uses quality tools to ensure quality window installation
When you are looking to upgrade your home for either personal convenience or for selling, you are likely looking to spruce up your windows. Installing windows can be a stressful process, but Euroseal, your premier window installers in Toronto, make it easy. Window installation with us can be done in four simple steps:
  • Give us a call at (416) 650-5070 or fill out the form at the top of this page.
  • A meeting will be arranged with our team.
  • Our team will measure what needs to be done and provide a FREE and accurate quote for window installation – with some extra cost-free advice thrown in.
  • We install your windows.
Our simple process ensures that our clients have a clear understanding of the work and costs (various offers and financing options are available) associated with the project. For some background research before choosing what type of windows you want to install, please review the following tips.
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Replacement Windows for Quick & Easy Installation

Replacement windows, also called retrofit windows, are very quick to install and perfect for those with budget restrictions. The method of window replacement is less time-consuming and more affordable considering the exterior materials of a home don’t need to be removed by the contractor for the project to take place.

2 Main Types of Replacement Windows:

Flush Finish Windows

Flush Fin

The goal of the z-bar (another term for Flush Fin) is to hide the existing frame of the window using its large exterior flange. This is commonly seen accompanying aluminum windows and buildings where the outside is stucco or masonry.

Block Frame Windows

Block Frame

A block frame is a non-finned frame that can be used as a new construction or as a retrofit in a concrete wall application.

Ok, now that we know what a replacement window is, it’s time to move on to the main tips that will prove to be useful when shopping for them.

How to Choose Replacement Windows

EuroSeal provides quality window replacement services to Toronto and the Greater Toronto area
Identify When to Replace


Before setting out to search for replacements, it’s important you first take note of what ACTUALLY needs replacing. Sometimes important minor details that suggest it’s time, can pass right over your head. In this case, going through and checking off any of the following signs below would help tremendously.
Replace if:
  • The window sash and/or frame is damaged, warped, or shattered – This can arrive for several reasons. Perhaps you just survived a fierce storm. Perhaps it was due to an accident caused by an energetic little child. No matter the reason, rather than going through great lengths to repair, it is recommended to opt for a replacement.
  • You realize your energy bill has risen a good amount (even up to 10-25%) – This is despite not changing your electrical routine. This occurrence is often caused by drafty windows which have reduced in energy-efficiency. Meaning they are no longer able to moderate the room temperatures as effectively, making your a/c or heater work that much harder.
  • The appearance has dulled – Notice color fading? Paint peeling? It may be near time to consider a new installation.
List Goals/Requirements in Mind


Buying a window can bring a number of advantages. However, each window has a different array of them. To guarantee utmost satisfaction, before diving into a purchase consider the following:
Do you live in a loud neighborhood? Windows that offer soundproofing qualities may be in your best interest.
Do you have plenty of obstructions (shrubs, trees, traffic..) around? Windows that require less room like sliders would be optimal.
What Matters Most
Are you adamant about saving money? Cost-efficient windows like casement or awning windows would be your best bet.
Do you value appearance more? Bay windows are a great way to up the appeal (and market value) of any house.
Is security a concern? Fixed windows with reinforced glass may be ideal.

There exist three major frame materials, choosing between them is almost as important as the choice of window types.


Vinyl Window Installation Toronto
Vinyl is basically a shorter name for polyvinyl chloride – the third most popular polymer in the world. It offers the advantage of being:
  • Inexpensive
  • Very cost-efficient
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Not Paintable
  • Fewer Aesthetic options than Wood
** Note: Not all vinyl is created equal. Every company has a different formula when it comes to their PVC frames. For this reason, it is important to make sure you are dealing with a reliable company that specializes in the material to obtain a finished product high in quality. **
Aluminum is more often used in commercial as opposed to residential buildings due to the expenses involved with installation. This being mentioned, it does offer quite a number of advantages. For example, it:
  • Is Customizable
  • Is Durable in all climates
  • Is Very Strong
  • Requires minimal maintenance (between vinyl and wood)
  • Is Recyclable
  • Not as good of an insulator as vinyl or wood
  • Involves some Toxicity in manufacturing
  • More Expensive
  • Prone to dents/corrosion/fading..
Wood is popular amongst people that place great importance on the appearance of their house. They offer the advantage of being:
  • Elegant/Stylish
  • Paintable
  • Durable (Depending on the wood chosen)
  • Customizable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Expensive
  • High Maintenance
  • Susceptible to Insects (especially termites)
Sample window installation from EuroSeal
EuroSeal delivers quality window installation to Toronto
Compare Window Types


The main window types on the market are: awning, casement, bay, bow, hung and sSlider windows.
These architectural light apertures serve mainly to accentuate the beauty of one’s own home and brighten up the residence. Each type comes with a different style and qualities, make sure to select the best one that can satisfy the eye and fulfill all the other criteria set in place (level of cost-efficiency, security, maintenance, etc.).
Research Companies


If you’re looking to buy a replacement, make sure you buy from a trustworthy manufacturer that provides warranties covering the frame, sash, and glass units. If a manufacturer is unable to make the offer, this is a major indication that the final result may not be up to standard.

Selecting Windows for New Construction

As one could infer, new construction windows are manufactured for the sake of installation in brand new homes and/or built additions. This is in consideration of the fact that recently built residences already have their studs exposed; making it easier for the window to be directly installed and nailed into the framing of the establishment.
It may be time to consider new construction windows if the exterior material of a building is going to change and/or the original frame and studs are found to be in poor condition.

Replacement Windows We Carry

Casement Windows

This crank window variety is one of the most air-tight and cost-efficient window types on the market. Depending on if it’s operable or fixed, casement windows usually possess one or more hinges on the side and a crank mechanism that permits the frame to open a full 90 degrees sideways. A great feature that facilitates sash/frame cleaning.
Pros Cons
Highly cost-efficient
Slightly tedious to crank open
Is single pane and thus provides a clear unobstructed view
Usually more expensive (other sizable factors have an influence)
Pretty secure (since they only open w/ the crank handle)
Limited size customization
Provides ventilation when needed
Their exposure to the elementals when opened can lead to early rotting
Easy cleaning (thanks to the sashes tilt-in feature)

Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to their Casement cousins. However, a major difference lies in the direction they open. Rather than sideways, awnings are the only windows that can open up laterally allowing for ventilation even during a slight downfall of rain/snow.
Pros Cons
Highly cost-efficient
Requires open space w/o obstructions
Permits ventilation even during a downfall
Necessitates more frequent cleaning (since it put in positions where it is more susceptible to catching dirt)
Pretty secure (since they only open w/ the crank handle)
Difficult to escape through
Provides more light
Exposure to the elementals when opened can lead to rotting
Possesses a contemporary look

Single & Double Hung Windows

Single hung windows are a classic home renovation option. They feature a bottom sash that is capable of moving vertically while the upper sash remains fixed. The tilting and opening of the bottom frame being the keys to better airflow and an easier washing life. The twin versions, a.k.a double hung windows, are essentially the same concept except both of its sashes are operable.
In today’s market, the single version is definitely more popular considering that it’s price range is around 10-20% cheaper than it’s double. However, this is not to say that it is in any shape or form better. Double-hung windows actually have the advantage of offering more ventilation, allowing the entrance of more sunlight, and being easier to clean. So, don’t be fooled by the initial savings if you are looking for more breeze into your home.
Pros Cons
Easy to clean
Not very air-tight (excluding the option of weather-stripping)
Great for ventilation/air flow
Sash may fall out depending on quality
Cuts heating/cooling costs
Double-hung varieties can = more $
Provides Lots of Light
Versatile and easily customizable

Single & Double Slider Windows

Slider windows have the highly-sought out simple yet elegant look to them. Little force is required to get the frames to open or close since they make use of the sliding motion.
Slider windows are perfect for tight spaces since they are technically built to avoid outward protrusion. Some clients have found that this sort of window is perfect for those with minimal strength, considering they require less effort to open or close than regular crank varieties.
Pros Cons
Perfect for tight spaces
Not very air-tight
Great for increasing light exposure
Not as energy-efficient
Easy to slide open
Build-up of dirt can = Difficult opening
Easy to clean
Versatile and easily customizable

Bay Windows

Bay windows are practically the go to’s when someone is looking to create space, add light, increase home value, and/or add style to the interior and exterior of their home. Their formation of a central window and side windows are led to protrude outside of the house. They usually come with a deep sill area that is great for sitting, growing plants, or simply basking in the sunlight.
Pros Cons
Creates more spacious room
More costly
Stunning appearance
Harder to find treatment options
Adds value to home
Not friendly to night owls
Greatly brightens living area

Bow Windows

The configuration of bow windows is very much similar to that of bay types. However, bow windows usually come in a configuration of five congruent glass panes rather than the classic trio setup of a bow window. From the outside, bow windows give the illusion of being in a semi-circle form, instead of a sharp trapeze.
Pros Cons
Creates space in room
More expensive
Looks beautiful
Harder to find treatment options
Adds value to home
Allows a lot of light in
Greatly brightens living area

Windows Styles we Carry


This crank creation is always a hit among our clients.

Now offering 3 pane glass choices, our viable casement options continue to set us apart from any competition in the industry.

This GreenStar architectural commodity features: Heavy duty multipoint hardware produced by Truth ardware™, the equipment of multi-point locks with foldable locks, 7/8” thermoglass with insulating warm edge spacer, and the ability to redirect air inside for optimal ventilation.
Only by experiencing it, will you realize that the value truly cannot be questioned!


This window is very similar to the casement window. Hinged from bottom to top, this is the only window type that can receive ventilation even during a light rain or snow day.

The GreenStar™ Awning window showcases; a welded frame and sash, heavy duty multipoint hardware, 7/8” thermoglass with insulating warm edge spacer, optional Low-E + Argon for maximum efficiency and UV protection, and a full internal screen spring for increased operation ease.

*Also Available in 3 pane glass varieties for maximum energy efficiency*

Single & Double Hung Windows

Greenstar hung windows boast smooth frames and many other added attributes that improve the quality of life of our clients.

Some of these include: A neoprene bulb seal that provides ultimate seal on all sliders, a cam lock & keeper F10 CSA tested, entire frame screen covers, adjustable balance system, and many more.

Single & Double Slider Windows

Greenstar Slider windows are widely famed for being a forefront runner in terms of style within the industry. Showcasing a welded frame and sash, triple weather-stripping, a 7/8″ thermoglass with insulating warm edge spacer, a useful removable external screen, and an option low-E + argon for maximum efficiency & UV protection; There really isn’t anything else one could possibly need.

Bay & Bow Windows

Is there a more beautiful window type than the GreenStar Bay and Bow windows?

Protruding forward and making use of multiple glass panes, these masterpieces are truly beauties to behold from the inside and out.

Featuring welded frames and sashes, heavy duty multipoint hardware, 7/8″ thermoglass’ w/ insulating warm edge spacers, full internal screen springs, and optional low-E + Argon; Whether in utility,comfortability, or beauty, these windows do not make compromises!




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