Steel Entrance and Garden Doors

Our heavy gauge insulated steel exterior doors provide energy efficiency, beauty and security for your home.

When you consider what the top quality entry doors are made of, what do you think of? Well here at EuroSeal it is all bout one material, and that is steel. As one of the Toronto's top steel exterior doors manufacturers, the team at EuroSeal has done it all. From entry to garden doors, our team of expert manufactures have been able to handcraft steel doors that not only are stunning but are some of the most secure doors on the market.

Our speciality is producing steel entry and garden doors here in Toronto that wow our clients. From the first visit to our manufacturing period and installation, the EuroSeal commitment is too consistent and accurate timelines and billing. With EuroSeal's customer-first mentality and superior door manufacturing, the only thing you are missing is chatting with one of our representatives on what the best patio or entry door option is right for your home.


  • Galvanized, rigid steel facings
  • Felxible magnetic and compression weather stripping
  • Zinc dichromate, heavy duty steel hinges
  • All slabs are pre-finished factory white
  • Kiln dried pine frame to prevent warping and rotting
  • Lock block provides reinforcement
  • Polyurethane insulation offers excellent 'R' value and structural stability
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Why Choose Steel Doors?

If you are from the west coast, you might be asking yourself, but why steel? The team at EuroSeal has chosen to work with steel for more than a few reasons.

First of all, steel is one of the most reliable options to hold up to the harsh winters that Toronto is known to have. Other options such as cedar have been known to chip and flake after a few winters due to salt and water intake, and thus, steel is our preferred option.

Secondly, we utilise galvanized rigid steel facings and zinc dichromate heavy duty steel hinges to ensure your door looks sharp all year round. Plus, these facings and hinges have been pre-treated so that they are rust and corrosion proof for years to come.

Third, our steel slabs are all pre-finished factory white and offer a blank canvas for our manufacturing shop to custom paint a colour that will work with your overall design of the home, or if you prefer, we can add a finishing layer and keep the white! Fourth, we offer all of our customer's polyurethane insulation within the overall door to add structural stability to the door and improve the R-value for our valued customers. This makes our steel door installations energy-efficient options for entry and side doors alike.

Finally, we love steel and more specifically Canadian steel that comes from right here in Ontario! The team at EuroSeal is proud to work with a variety of steel manufacturers, and no matter if we are installing a new designer door, or just replacing a well-loved side door, we cannot wait to be there every step of the way. From the initial visit to the finishing touches, EuroSeal wants to ensure that you have only the best customer experience when choosing and living with a door you will be using for the rest of your life.

Why Our Steel Doors?

EuroSeal has worked hard to showcase the various steel doors advantages to our clients, and the results speak for themselves. We can design steel entry doors that are stylish, durable and secure, and what else do you need in a door? Our team of expert manufacturers and installers will ensure that the various steel entry doors features are showcased on our initial visit, and will work with you to ensure that your door is installed correctly with tests for energy efficiency and clearance. We want to ensure that no matter if you have ordered a new steel glass door or a replacement door that you have one of the best experiences possible with EuroSeal, and this commitment to customer service is one of the reasons we are as popular as we are!

The team at EuroSeal cannot wait to get started with your next project, and no matter if we are talking a new designer entry door, or a simple steel glass door, our team is here with you every step of the way. From the initial visit to the finishing touches, the team at EuroSeal can assist in choosing the right door and will keep you up to date on progress and perspective installation dates. You do not become one of the top steel doors manufacturer in Toronto by accident, and the team at EuroSeal is committed to keeping that reputation!

Call our team today, and see how EuroSeal can change the way you think about steel doors in a single visit.


  • Thank You Euroseal

    I was stunned by the level of customer service I received. Their sales team stayed in touch with me throughout the process from consultation to execution. We are very pleased with my new entry door and would definitely re-hire them.

    • Doug and Katrina G. Toronto, ON
  • Great job! Keep it up!

    We wanted to thank Euroseal for helping us with entry doors for our new house. The sales team was very knowledgeable and helpful. We appreciate all the efforts you put into ensuring all our requirements are met. Thank you again!

    • Tina and Ruben W. Toronto, ON