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GreenStar™ is a brand of window developed by EuroSeal Window Industries. The research, design and testing of the product took almost two years to complete. Today, the GreenStar™ window stands alone as a front-runner in the industry. From its contoured finish, durable UPVC, and insulation options, EuroSeal windows are clearly the most elegant and appealing product on the market today. GreenStar™ windows are a source of pride for us and our customers.

Environmentally Friendly

GreenStar products are among the most environmentally sustainable windows on the market. Experts would agree that UPVC has always been the safest material – in fact, for years it’s been used in medical equipment, which focuses the utmost importance on hygienic materials. UPVC is also 100% recyclable and fully reusable – making it out material of choice as well. In 2008, the UK-based Building Research Establishment (BRE) awarded UPVC windows an A+ for commercial developments and an A for residential developments in its Green Guide Update.
The volume of energy used to heat and cool our homes represents a significant amount of total carbon dioxide emissions in Canada?

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GreenStar’s high performance windows and doors offer several advantages of your home. We are proud to offer one of the most thermally-efficient window systems available on the market. We understand the importance of saving you money on your energy bill, and GreenStar products eliminate the hot and cold zones you’re accumsted to feeling around a window on a hot summer days and cold winter nights.
According to studies, GreenStar windows keep your home warmer and drier throughout the winter by up to 74%, and cooler in the summer by up to 67%. They completely eliminate problems caused by water condensation inside the seal unit, which in itself reduces moisture-induced asthma in children. Our products are here to give you warmth, protection, and the piece of mind that you need to enjoy your home comfortably.

Fire and Water Resistant

In the event of fire, windows play an integral roll in your safety. UPVC materials are naturally flame retardant, which means that they will not cause, support, or enhance the development of accidental fire. UPVC windows are also protected from altering under extreme temperatures.

Peace and Quiet

GreenStar high performance windows are essential for peace and quiet. It’s true that noise exposure – even in the slightest – affects the overall comfort of your enitre family, and long-term discomfort has been proven to have negative effects on your health. Typically, you’ll see a 32-84% noise reduction with our window and door systems. With the latest technology, proper sealing and a sound installation – outside noise disturbance is measurably reduced by up to seven eights of the original volume. This affords you the extra peace and quiet from everyday traffic, loud music, barking dogs, howling wind, and even noisy neighbors! Give yourself the ultimate in quality and comfort.