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Whitby’s Best Selection of Windows & Doors

When it comes to window and door replacement and manufacturing in Whitby, EuroSeal Windows is your best option if you want to increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home with a windows renovation.
EuroSeal’s growth over the years can be attributed to our focus on high quality customer service. We understand that people want their vinyl windows and doors to not only be replaced quickly and as efficiently as possible, they also want to work with a friendly windows company that takes a professional approach. These are the key reasons why our customers continue to come back to us.
Whitby residents also trust in our brand. We are not only windows replacement specialists, we are also windows manufacturers. Our GreenStar brand has helped us become an industry leader and has made us the top energy efficient window manufacturer in the country!
Choosing to work with us for your windows renovation project has its benefits. In addition to great service and high-quality windows, you can also expect great advice and consultation so you will be able to find the perfect style of windows and doors that will match the design of your Whitby home.
But, that’s not all. Since our windows are known for their energy efficiency, you can also expect to save money on your energy bill. Our replacement windows and doors will help you reduce the amount of energy that is consumed in your Whitby home. This means that unwanted air from the outside will not creep in and impact the temperature of your home. Your home will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What are Other Benefits of Installing New Windows & Doors?

You already know about the energy savings and the improvement to your home’s curb appeal that result from installing new windows and doors. While those are more than enough motivation to call EuroSeal and learn more about windows replacement, there are a couple of other benefits you want to consider.
One has to do with home security. How much protection do you think those aging doors and windows in Whitby really provide? Depending on how much deterioration has taken place, they may not present a burglar with much of a challenge. By contrast, installing replacement windows and sturdier exterior doors will make it much harder for anyone to break into your home. Since we are talking about protecting family members as well as your possessions, this is a benefit that should not be overlooked.
The other has to do with protecting the market value of your home. What would happen if you were offered a wonderful job opportunity on the other side of the country? You would want your home to sell quickly and be able to get the best price for it. If you have investing in vinyl windows in Whitby, potential buyers will note the windows are in great condition and have one more reason to submit an offer.

The Pitfalls of Installing Replacement Windows & Doors Yourself

You’ve watched a couple of how-to videos and gotten an idea of what it takes to manage a new windows installation. While that’s great, attempting to manage the job on your own is not the best move.
Before you proceed, consider what type of equipment you would need to rent. That one expense could be significant. It will only increase if some of those windows and doors you ordered have to be modified before installation. If you damage something during the windows installation, the cost will come out of your pocket.
Keep the windows replacement simple and call us. We’ll make sure the windows and doors replacement in Whitby goes off without a hitch.

Financing Options for Windows & Doors Replacement

Before you proceed with a windows replacement, it pays to determine how you will cover the cost. Perhaps you have enough cash set aside for this and other kinds of home improvement projects. If so, there is no need to wait. Contact us and we will work with you to work out all the details related to your new windows and doors in Whitby.
There is also the option of using the equity in your home to get a loan at your local bank. Keep in mind that it may take several days to get an answer. You may also find that working with a different financing partner would allow you to lock in a lower rate of interest.
At EuroSeal, we make it easy to apply for financing. You will find an application form on our website. All you have to do is fill in the details and submit it to our team. We’ll verify the information and have an answer for you quickly. Once you have the financing in hand, we can start to work on those replacement windows in Whitby as soon as they are fitted for your home.
If you are not sure how to finance your new doors and windows, let us help. We offer options that are affordable and ensure those new vinyl windows can be installed as quickly as possible.
Renovating your Whitby home? Or building a brand-new home? If you’re looking to replace your old windows and doors, then hesitate no longer about the price and call EuroSeal today to request your appointment.



We’d Recommend EuroSeal’s Services

We damaged one of the external hinges a month ago, and your company’s prompt and efficient handling of the service call was impressive! We appreciate how quickly your company sent over a representative to fix the problem.

Mark & Lin C. Whitby, ON.

Couldn’t Ask For More

We especially appreciated the help of your craftsman in choosing the appropriate style and colour for our first home. In the end, the windows look beautiful and I’m extremely happy with how easy they are to clean.

Leah & Richard P. Milton, ON.

Beyond Our Expectations

It is our pleasure to say thanks for a great job done by your company. Luke and his colleague did a lovely job and they were very well mannered. It was a pleasure having them around.

Martin And Phillis S. Toronto, ON.

Astonishing Value

We had done our share of research before finally deciding to go with your company and we must say that EuroSeal really had the greatest value. Guess we can chalk it up to working with a manufacturer.

Kevin & Family. Scarborough, ON.

We’d Use EuroSeal Again

It’s not everyday that I take the time to email a contractor… but my wife insisted! You guys did a great job and you kept it quick and quiet. We’ve got a newborn who sleeps often and your man did a good job not waking her up. Cheers.

Mike & Erin B. Richmond Hill, ON.

Knowledgable Pros

We recently moved to our new house and needed to do some repairs and renovations. Your company was recommended by our very pleased friends. The windows look amazing and the installation job Richard did was first class.

Sue & Phil N. Markham, ON

Absolutely Great Service

We just wanted to write to say thanks because the window quality is great and your helpful craftsman and professional installers made the entire experience wonderful. We only wish we could have this experience with all of our renovation projects.

James & Marie T. Oshawa, ON.

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