1. Why You Should Add an Awning to Your Back Yard This Summer

    While you love using the patio during the spring, it doesn't see much daytime action once summer arrives. You can change that by choosing to invest in a retractable awning that complete covers the patio. If you are wondering how much of a difference the awning will make, consider these advantages. At least a few of them will apply to you and your family.

    Expanding Your Living Space

    The nice thing about an awning that completely covers the patio is that you instantly create living space in the back yard. That awning helps to add definition to the patio and also makes it possible to furnish the space in ways similar to the way you furnish the rooms indoors. Since the awning provides protection for all the furnishings, it's easy enough to create a layout that serves the needs of your family.

    Consider what it would be like if you created a conversation area at one end of the patio. You can define it with wicker or vinyl furnishings that come with colorful cushions. Add in some end tables, a coffee table, and maybe a nice indoor/outdoor rug to anchor that part of the space. Accessorize with table lamps so you can create the right mood at night. Add in some green plants that don't require direct sunlight and the conversation area will be complete.

    Use the rest of the patio to set up a cooking and dining area. Anchor the space with an outdoor grill. A second indoor/outdoor rug will be perfect for defining the dining area. Choose a table and chairs that are similar to the furnishings used in the conversation area. Go with an overhead hanging lamp over the table and you're all set.

    Diverting Direct Sunlight from the Windows

    Another benefit of adding a backyard awning is that it will prevent direct sunlight from striking the windows along the rear of the home. It's nice to have awning windows, since you can open them slightly and allow a breeze into the home. Did you know that by adding a retractable awning, you could keep the temperature of that air several degrees cooler even on the hottest summer days? That's great if you love fresh air or have to make do while the central cooling unit is down for maintenance or some sort of repair.

    Creating the Perfect Spot for Weekend Parties

    Entertaining during the summer is fun, but finding space inside for everyone can be difficult. With the awning covering the patio, people can settle into the space and even spill into the yard if necessary. The setting allows you to arrange the space any way you like. While the food is prepared on the backyard grill, everyone can enjoy a little star-gazing, dance to the music, or find a quiet place to sit down and chat.

    Best of all, cleaning up after a patio party is often simpler than attempting to clean up after hosting an indoor event. The outdoor rugs are easier to clean than the wall to wall carpeting inside, and you can feel free to use disposable plates, cutlery, and cups so there is little to wash the morning after.

    Enjoying the Outdoors in the Rain

    With the awning in place, you don't have to abandon the patio during a summer rain. Instead, curl up in a comfortable chair and enjoy the sound of the raindrops striking the canvas or the metal used for the awning. Along with the rhythm of the falling rain, you also get to enjoy the cool breeze that often accompanies the downpour.

    You can also open the windows that are along the back of the house and protected by the awning. That provides a chance to air out the home while enjoying the rain. Open those single hung windows and let the fresh air flow through the rooms. You can close them again once the rain stops and the temperature begins to climb again.

    Lowering Your Cooling Costs

    Investing in casement windows with double panes certainly helped reduce your cooling costs. The awning will further minimize the amount of energy it takes to keep the indoors at a comfortable temperature. On cooler summer days, you may be able to shut the cooling system off completely and open all of the windows covered by the awning. Even on days when you need to run the system, the shade provided by the awnings further reduces the heat transference through those windows. The result is less energy required to maintain the desired indoor temperature.

    Adding Visual Interest to the Back Yard

    Most of the benefits of installing a retractable awning are practical ones. What you may not realize is that the right awing style will have a positive impact on the way the back yard looks. That awning will help soften some of the sharp angles in the home design, add some color to the property in general, and create a more inviting setting. All of these qualities will motivate you to spend more time in the back yard, and will certainly add to the overall value of your home.

    Now is the perfect time to start looking at a retractable awning for the back of the home. Consider investing in smaller awnings for the windows on the sides and front of the home. Choose a design that is the same in color and style for both the backyard awning and the ones you use for the other windows. Doing so will ensure that the home has a more unified look.


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