1. Just How Long Are My New Vinyl Windows Going to Last?

    There is no doubt that the time has come to do something about those older windows. The framework needs painting again and some of the sections need repairs or complete replacements. Since you are getting a little weary of having to put in so much time, money, and effort in keeping those older windows in decent shape, it's time to make a change. The contractor recommends you consider new vinyl windows in Mississauga but you are not convinced. Before you proceed, it pays to find out how long those windows will last and what sort of factors can influence how well they hold up over the years.

    The Average Life of Vinyl Windows

    While there are a number of estimates of how long vinyl windows will last, many experts cite 25 years as the average. However, that does not mean your windows will fail once they reach that mark. In fact, it's not unusual for higher quality vinyl windows to last for as long as 40 years.

    How long those windows will be around past the current average depends on a number of factors. Your best bet is to be aware of those factors and make sure the windows you have installed come with every one of those potential advantages. If you do, then you can expect a longer life for those vinyl windows and enjoy a greater return on your original investment.

    Start With the Quality of the Windows Proper

    You already know that a lower price tag can mean the quality of the materials is inferior. You see if with everything from the lower quality of foods marketed under little-known brands to the linens you purchase for the bedroom. That same concept also holds true when it comes to the purchase and installation of vinyl windows.

    Ask specific questions about how the vinyl used in the window construction compares to the vinyl used by other companies. What you want to hear is that the windows offered by the contractor utilize only vinyl that is designed to hold up well in all sorts of weather conditions, resists fading, and comes with a reasonable amount of protection in the warranty. When the grade of vinyl used is somewhat less than you have in mind, it would be best to consider a different brand or at least a different line of windows that make use of a more durable vinyl.

    How the Weather Impacts the Life of Your Windows

    Even with the use of vinyl that is high in quality, extreme weather conditions will have an impact on how long the windows last. If the heat of summer and the cold of winter is within the range you normally expect, then the windows the contractor installs are likely designed to hold up well to what amounts to normal weather conditions in the province.

    What may shorten the lives of those windows is recurring seasons in which the heat or the cold is unusually brutal. For example, several seasons of summers that are unusually hot and humid will create greater stress on the vinyl. As a result, it will not last as many years.

    Since there is no way to completely sure how the weather will be from year to year, there is something you can have done to minimize the impact of extreme temperatures and humidity. That is to have the windows coated with a protecting agent. This can be done once they are installed. Along with reducing the wear and tear on the vinyl, it will also boost the anti-fading qualities that the material already possesses.

    Maintenance and Upkeep Also Play a Part

    It's true that you invested in those windows as a way to cut back on the amount of maintenance and upkeep needed to keep them looking great. Even so, vinyl windows do need some attention. Choosing to provide that attention will ensure they do last for more years.

    Remember the protective coating that you had applied when the windows were first installed? It will need to be applied again after several years. The expense is still much lower than having the framework stripped and painted, and it doesn't take as long to manage. What it will do is allow you to get more years of use from those windows.

    Cleaning is still something you need to do on a regular basis. The contractor can provide guidelines about what sort of cleaning agents to use. This is important since you want to use something that removes the grime but will not cause the protective coating to break down faster. You'll find that cleaning the windows helps them keep that new look and requires less time than you used to spend on those older wooden windows.

    Remember that some of the cleaning will not involve a lot of effort. For example, you'll find that sometimes all you need to clean the window exteriors is to get out the garden hose and wash them down quickly. Inside, a basic cleaning agent and a clean cloth will do the trick. Making sure you do clean the windows at least twice a year will be enough to maintain them properly.

    Dealing With Weather Damage at Once

    If your windows sustain any damage during a storm, it's in your best interests to have them repaired as quickly as possible. While vinyl does not deteriorate in the same fashion as wood, damages areas can pave the way for more problems to develop. By having a professional correct the problem as soon as possible, you will increase the odds of enjoying the windows for more years by a significant margin.

    If you are contemplating a complete windows replacement in Richmond Hill, talk with the contractor about the merits of vinyl windows. Remember to discuss what can be done to get the greatest number of years of use from them. After you have an idea of what type of vinyl is used and how you can care for them properly, it will be easy to see why so many people have chosen this solution over other types of windows.


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