1. 5 Things to Know Before You Replace Windows

    Replacing the windows in your home and maybe the exterior doors has been on your mind for some time. Before you move forward with the project, it pays to have a contractor take a look at the house and provide some feedback. There are likely a few things about the window replacement you should consider carefully before you choose a design and authorize the work. Keep these five factors in mind and it won't take long to come up with a solution that serves you well for decades.

    Are All the Windows Uniform in Size?

    Back in the day, Mississauga windows and doors were not always mass-produced. It was not unusual for a carpenter to build the doors and windows when customers placed orders. The result would sometimes be multiple windows that were close but not exact in size.

    If you own an older home, be prepared for some slight differences in the sizes of windows. The fact that you can't tell the difference by looking at the windows only means the dimensions vary by a little. Even so, it will not be possible to order a standard set of windows and install them without making some modifications.

    Fortunately, contractors know how to measure your old windows and detect any size variations. If there is almost no difference, it may be possible to use standard windows and alter them slightly. When the differences are more pronounced, it may be necessary to use each window measurement and order a custom window.

    You Are Not Stuck With the Same Window Style

    Do you like the window style that's currently in place? If so, you can certainly go with new windows that are in the same style. When you are not that crazy about them, why not talk with the contractor about a different window style?

    You will find that quite a few different styles for windows and doors in Mississauga exist. Whatever the home design happens to be, there will be at least two or three different window styles that will fit in perfectly with that design.

    Keep in mind that it's not always a matter of appearance alone. Of course you want the new windows to enhance the look of the place. At the same time, you may find that one window style is better in terms of operation.

    For example, if you or other members of your family have health issues that negatively impact upper body strength or movement, raising and lowering sashes may be somewhat difficult. You could still achieve the same look by going with awning windows that can be pushed out with ease at the bottom. Sliding windows may also be easier for everyone to operate.

    There are Multiple Choices for Window Materials

    If you have an older home, there's a good chance all of the windows are made using wooden frames. Wood is still a popular window choice, but don't think you are limited to this one material. Today, you have several options and it's worth the time and effort to compare each one with the others.

    You will find that there are vinyl window designs that offer all the benefits of wooden windows but do not possess some of the drawbacks. With wooden frames, there is the potential for rotting to occur over the years. You will will also find it necessary to sand, scrape, and repaint the sashes and frames every few years. With vinyl, the color is fade-resistant and never needs painting. There are also no worries about warping or rotting. That can save quite a bit of money on repairs and upkeep.

    There are also metal window options you can consider. Talk with the contractor and learn more about each option. It won't take long to decide which material works best for you.

    Some Windows Require More Time to Replace Than Others

    While much of the focus of a complete windows replacement in Mississauga is on choosing new windows, don't overlook what must be done to remove the old ones. Depending on the methods used to install those original windows, removing them may take more time than most people realize. The contractor can inspect them closely and give you some idea of what it will take to remove each one, prepare the opening for a new window casing and frame, and ensure everything is securely in place.

    You Have Options for the Glass

    Older homes are more likely to have single pane glass. The standard today is to go with double pane glass. Along with being more energy efficient, those modern windows in Mississauga eliminate cold spots near each window. That comes in handy during the middle of winter when you want to curl up in an easy chair and gaze at the snow.

    Along with choosing double panes, remember that you can have the panes tinted or frosted. Have you thought about possibly frosting the panes in the bottom sash while going with clear glass in the top sash? This approach does not prevent sunlight from entering the home, but it does provide more privacy.

    Tinted windows, especially in the bedroom, do more than add privacy. They also make it easier to block light during the daytime. That's important if someone in the house works at night and needs to sleep when the sun is out. They also come in handy in dens or other rooms where you have a television. If the light coming through a window causes glare, tinting can eliminate the issue and allow you to enjoy your favorite programs without having to squint or close the drapes.

    When you choose to replace older windows, remember that you are making a change that's more involved and more permanent than selecting a new set of bedroom furniture. The right choices for those windows will serve you well for several decades. Make it a point to work closely with the contractor, ask all the questions that come to mind, and develop a replacement plan that will ensure nothing is left to chance. With the ideal approach, there is no reason why those new windows will not provide all the advantages that you want.


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