1. 4 Major Benefits of Casement Windows Over Other Styles

    Now that you are thinking of replacing your aging residential windows, have you thought about going with a different window design? Instead of sticking with the same old thing, consider the idea of replacing the old windows with new casement windows. If you are not familiar with this design, here are a few of the benefits of casement windows that you should consider before selecting those new replacement windows.

    What is a Casement Window?

    The basic casement window is a single-pane design that hinges to the window frame on one side. The window may be tall enough to fill in the space normally occupied by a double-sash window, or you can opt for two sets of casement sashes that are mounted with one set over the other. Unlike designs that must be raised or lowered, or that glide along a track, a casement style can be hinged to open outward or inward. That makes it one of the more versatile window designs on the market today.

    Open Wide

    One of the first things that most people notice about replacement casement windows is that it's possible to open the windows much wider. That's great for people who love the idea of making the room seem as open as possible. Let in all the sun and air you want without any type of sash construction getting in the way. When it's time for bed, all you have to do is swing the two sashes into the close position, engage the lock, and you are set for the night. What could be easier?

    Catching and Directing a Breeze

    There's something that many people don't realize about these windows until they are in place for a time. Thanks to the way the two sashes are hinged at the side, it's possible to use them to direct the breeze with greater accuracy. Depending on how you position the sashes, they will act as a flap that captures the breeze and directs it in the direction that you want. Thanks to this advantage, making sure every area of your home is comfortable will be a lot easier.

    This means if you want air circulation in the room but don't want the breeze to head into the middle of the space, open the sashes at an angle. Doing so deflects the inbound breeze and ensures it goes exactly where you like. This can be especially helpful if you would prefer the breeze to flow over your favorite chair while you happen to be sitting there. casement windows for sale

    A Beautiful View

    Many different types of windows are designed to allow homeowners to enjoy a beautiful view. That may be one of the reasons why you settled for plate glass in the living room or dining room. The only problem is that plate glass is a fixed form of window. That means you don't have the option of opening or closing it.

    If you would like the best view and still want the ability to open and close the windows, opting for vinyl casement windows is a great idea. It's possible to go with sashes that have few if any munitions. Doing so means the view is nice even with the windows closed. When you open the sashes to full capacity, you get to enjoy a view similar to the one provided by a picture window and still have the breeze coming through the opening.

    You can't achieve the same effect with a standard two-sash window. Even with one sash raised to let in the fresh air, you still have the top of the sash interrupting the view. Sliding windows also mean a visual break in what you get to see. People who love to look out over the surrounding landscapes should definitely consider different casement window sizes as the way to get the most from those new windows.

    Great Solution for Increased Home Security

    Windows are an important part of any plan for home security. What you may not realize is that the best casement windows provide a level of protection that other designs cannot. Much of the added security has to do with the nature of the glass and the design of the window itself.

    Most options for casement style windows today include reinforced glass panes. The panes are still perfectly clear, so you can see outside without any problem. What's different is that the glass is usually double or triple-paned. The combination of glass layers along with some type of clear glass in between makes it much harder to break through those windows. While the intruder is trying to deal with what is essentially shatterproof glass, your alarm system has more time to activate and notify the authorities of what's happening. In the best case scenario, the police will arrive well before the burglar can manage to break the glass.

    Even if the intruder is attempting to trigger the lock and swing the windows to an open position, that will be somewhat of a challenge. The durable glass makes it more difficult to cut a hole and reach in to disengage the lock. Attempting to insert something in between the sashes and unlock them is also much harder to manage. Through it all, there's more time for the alarm to sound and the authorities to arrive.

    Have you seriously considered casement window designs for your replacement windows? If not, talk with a contractor about how those windows would be great for you and your home. As the discussion continues, you'll learn more about the different standard casement window sizes and how you can even have custom sizes designed if necessary. You'll also learn how the casement window cost compares favorably with the expense of purchasing and installing other types of window. Once they are in place and you have the chance to try them, the wisdom of the choice will be something you see every day.


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