1. Window Replacement - Is Now the Time?

    Some homeowners are fortunate enough to never need any type of window replacement. Others find that the day comes when getting rid of the old windows and installing new ones is the only practical thing to do. The question is how does a homeowner know when the time has come to replacing aging windows? There are several signs that indicate the time to do something is now. Here are some examples that will help you know if calling a contractor is something you should do today.

    The Windows are Getting Hard to Operate

    One of the sure signs that the time has come for an Aurora window replacement is windows that don't work as well as they did in the past. Maybe the sashes no longer open with ease. In fact, it takes quite a bit of effort to get one to raise at all. When the time comes to lower the sash, it's another strenuous and exhausting effort to get it closed.

    Perhaps the issue is the opposite of a sticking window sash. It lifts easily enough but won't stay in position. Unless you use something to prop the sash in the open position, it will come crashing down in a matter of minutes. Along with jarring your nerves, it's just a matter of time before the sudden crashes break the glass.

    Assuming there is no way to repair the windows and restore the proper function, you have two choices. One is to leave the windows closed at all times. If you go this route, that means no opportunity to enjoy a nice breeze during the milder seasons. The other solution is to call a contractor and find out how much it would cost to replace those older windows with new ones that work properly. You'll be surprised how inexpensive those new windows can be. This is especially true when you factor in the amount you can get through rebate programs provided by the government.

    The Windows Constantly Need Repairs

    While the windows do remain functional, the operation does come with a cost. It seems as if you have a repair professional at the home every other week to make some type of change to one or more windows. It's become such a common occurrence that you actually have a line item in the monthly budget specifically for window repair. When you total the amount spend on window repairs over the last 12 months, the figure comes as a bit of a shock.

    Now is the time to break the routine and invest in new windows. By choosing the right ones, you eliminate the constant stream of repairs and get to spend your money on other things. It's also nice to not need to have the repair service set up on speed dial.

    The Older Windows Increase Energy Consumption

    When you purchased the older home, you knew the windows did not offer the latest in energy efficient features. Even so, they seemed sturdy enough to keep the waste of energy to a minimum. As the years pass and the condition of those windows began to deteriorate, that was no longer true.

    In fact, you've noticed that the energy bills are increasing steadily from year to year. You already have new insulation in the home and all other possible reasons for the increase have been ruled out. That leaves the seepage between sashes combined with the transference of heat and cold through the glass. Until you have new windows installed, expect the energy consumption to continue rising.

    Replacing the windows now will mean getting to enjoy sashes that fit snugly and prevent seepage. The double or triple pane glass also helps to prevent heat or cold transference. Combined, these will make it much easier to control the temperature indoors. You'll notice the energy bills level off and maybe even decrease a little in the months following the new window installation.

    You Never Liked the Older Windows Anyway

    When you purchased the home, it was in spite of the windows rather than because of them. The goal was to eventually build up a reasonable amount of equity in the place and take out a home loan to replace them. Now that you have that equity, it's time to start looking at different window styles and designs.

    Maybe your home came with the roll-out windows that were so popular a few decades back. Since you don't care for them, why not go with a window style that's different but still works well with the home's basic design? For example, you may find that vinyl sliding windows enhance the home's curb appeal and happen to be more to your liking. You can sweeten the deal by going with sliding windows that tilt inward. You'll find them easy to operate and much easier to clean whenever the need arises. Best of all, the windows have fewer moving parts than the old ones, so you are less likely to need repairs in the future.

    Getting the Home Ready for Sale

    You've loved living in the home, but it's now too large for your needs. With the kids grown and on their own, you are starting to think about the retirement years. Something that's smaller and requires less upkeep fits right in with your plans. Assuming you can get a decent sale price for the property, you should be able to purchase a smaller home outright and still have a little cash to put away for other things.

    Now is the time to begin making some updates to the house. Start with the windows. New ones will give the home an instant face lift, something that will attract more attention from potential buyers. Along with improving the look of the property, those buyers will notice that the windows are in top shape and not likely to need replacing for a long time. Changes of this type will increase the odds of selling the home sooner and getting the price you are asking.

    Is not the time to replace those older windows? Only you can make that decision. If one of these scenarios applies to you, call a contractor today. The new windows will be in place faster than you thought possible.


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