1. What Difference Does a Window Installer Make Anyways: 5 Reasons You Shouldn't DIY

    Thrifty homeowners love to save money and still get things done. That's why many of them take on home improvement projects themselves instead of hiring professionals. While the results may be fine in some instances, attempting to replace older windows as a do-it-yourself project is asking for trouble. Here are five of the more important reasons why you should step back and leave this important task in the hands of a professional.

    Choosing the Right Window Design

    Help from a pro actually begins before the first window is removed and replaced. Unless you are familiar with different window designs, you may not be in a position to compare styles and determine which one would be best for your house. Since most homeowners are most comfortable with the type of windows they have lived with for years, you may not even be sure how to compare the merits of various options. The result could be making a choice that does not provide the benefits that a different one would bring to your property.

    When you have a professional visit your home and talk with you about different window options, it's easier to explore the benefits of different designs. You may find that instead of going with the same old style, something different would make a huge difference in your home's curb appeal. For example, new awning windows in Markham might offer all the benefits of your old roll-out windows and also enhance the style of the home in ways the old windows never could.

    Learning More About Modern Window Materials

    The contractor who visits your home can also provide an education about modern window materials. There's a lot of misinformation about the materials used today. You may be surprised to learn how durable the vinyl used for window components happens to be. The fact that vinyl windows never need painting could be another fact that you would find appealing.

    Working with a contractor allows you to compare the merits of wood, vinyl, and metal. While you might be able to collect enough information on your own to arrive at a decision, the contractors' experience with each material will make it all the easier to come up with the perfect choice.

    Dealing With the Unexpected

    You may have visions of a window installation in Toronto that includes purchasing prefabricated windows in bulk, removing the old ones, and sliding the new ones in position. While that sounds fine, what happens if the windows in your older home are not uniform in size? Do you know how to alter your new windows so they fit snugly? If you find the materials around the openings need to be replaced, can you handle that too?

    Improvement projects like window replacements have a lot of potential for unexpected complications. Dealing with those issues as they arise is not difficult for a contractor. Thanks to the experience the professional brings to the task, coming up with the right solution will not be difficult or time consuming. Unless you are a construction professional yourself, there is a greater chance of making mistakes that waste a lot of time and money.

    Guarantees on the Work

    It's true that buying your own windows means securing a warranty on the materials. If a problem arises and it's associated with a product defect, you could rely on the warranty terms and conditions to obtain a replacement window. All that would be left is finding the time to remove the defective one and install the replacement.

    What happens if the problem has more to do with the quality of the installation? Since you did the work yourself, there is no one you can turn to and have the issue corrected. Instead, you will have to find time to remove the old window and install the new one. Through it all, you have to manage the task in such a way that you do not invalidate the warranty.

    Choosing to have a professional contractor do the work means you have the best overall protection. The window manufacturer provides a warranty on the windows. A contractor guarantees stands behind the quality of the work. If it turns out that an error was made during the installation, the contractor will correct it without you having to invest another moment or any money.

    The Safety Factor

    A new window installation is more complex than changing out the hinges on a kitchen cabinet door. There is specific equipment that is needed to manage the project correctly. Along with the tools, securing and using the right type of safety gear is also something to consider.

    If you are thinking about attempting the job on your own, stop and think about what you will need in order to do the job safely. You must learn how to operate all of the equipment properly. Investing in the right gloves, the proper kind of foot protection, and even something to protect the eyes and the head while you go through each step is a must.

    A contractor understands the importance of using equipment properly. The team who handles the window installation will also know what sort of safety gear they need to wear while at the job site. When you leave the project in the hands of professionals, there is less potential for injury to you, anyone living in your home, and the installation crew. If all the other reasons for hiring a professional don't convince you, making sure everyone is safe should do the trick.

    There is a time to take on home improvement projects without outside help, and there is a time to leave tasks to the professionals. If you have decided that your home could use new windows, don't attempt to do the job on your own. Call a contractor and arrange for a visit and consultation. As the professional inspects your current windows and asks some questions, you will begin to see how complex this type of work can become. By the time you settle on the window design and obtain a quote, choosing to hire a professional will be an easy decision.

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