1. The 3 Features to Look for in Vinyl Windows

    Congratulations on the decision to invest in new windows. As you work with a contractor to find the best replacement option, the subject of Toronto vinyl windows is bound to arise. As the contractor will explain, there are a number of features associated with vinyl windows that make them an excellent choice. Here are three of the more important ones that will help you see why vinyl is the way to go.

    The Right Window Style for Your Home

    One of the concerns that homeowners often mention with vinyl windows is whether or not they are available in styles which will fit in with the design of the home. While there was a time when vinyl windows only came in basic styles, those days are long gone.

    The fact is that you can purchase prefabricated vinyl windows in a number of different styles today. They even come in standard sizes designed to fit right into position with little to no alterations required. If your home is older and the windows vary slightly in size if not style, some of those standards can be modified to fit. If not, there is more than one windows manufacturer in Toronto capable of constructing custom windows that are a perfect fit for the home.

    The sheer versatility associated with vinyl window styles means you are never stuck with having to use the same old design when you replace those aging windows. It's always possible to go with something that's different and more in keeping with the home as it looks today.

    This means if your home originally came with a picture window in the living room, you could use that same style if you like. It also means that if you think a bay window or a bow window would enhance the look of the room and also the home facade, there is no reason why you can't talk with a contractor about that option. The nice thing is that a bay window or a bow window could be outfitted with customer single or double hung sashes that you can open and close at will. Along with keeping the beautiful view, you add more function.

    The Thermal Protection Qualities of the Glass

    You never gave much thought to the window glass. All you knew is that it was designed to not break easily and the panes provided a nice view of the area outside your home. What you may not know is whether the glass used for those panes provides much in the way of thermal protection for the home.

    In decades past, single pane windows were often used. If you own an older home, that may be what you have right this minute. While the glass is easy to clean and provides a great view, those panes could also be allowing a fair amount of heat and cold transference to take place. The result is that your central unit has to work harder to keep the temperature indoors at the level you want.

    When you start talking with a contractor about installing new vinyl windows in Toronto, find out if the design comes with double panes. This is a popular option these days. The design calls for the use of two panes with a small amount of space in between. That space is sometimes filled with a clear gas that provides an effective barrier from the heat or cold outside. Thanks to the double panes, your new windows will make it a lot easier and less expensive to keep the home at the temperature you prefer.

    One of the other benefits of double pane glass is that fogging and condensation on the inside of the window is less likely. Consider how often you end up having to use a cloth to remove moisture from the window sill during certain seasons. Thanks to the way that the double panes help to slow the rate of temperature transference between the outside and the inside, you can spend more time enjoying the view and less time wiping away the fog.

    The Terms and Conditions Related to the Warranty

    Any new vinyl windows you purchase will come with a warranty. It's in your best interests to look closely at the range of protections offered as part of the deal. Along with the kind of protections included in the warranty terms and conditions, make a note of how long those benefits are offered after the installation is complete.

    There is an excellent chance you will never need to invoke some clause in the warranty. Even so, you want to know what is and is not covered, and how much you would have to pay out of pocket if one of those covered events came to pass.

    For example, assume you have chosen to go with awning windows instead of the traditional casement windows that are currently in place. What sort of protection does the warranty provide in the event the hinges need to be replaced during the first year? Maybe you chose to move away from the use of single or double hung windows and went with sliding window designs for most of the rooms. What will the warranty do for you if the tracks need to be replaced during the first year or two after the installation? These are details that you need to know even if the chances of some type of operational issue developing are somewhere between slim and none.

    Rest assured that choosing vinyl windows for your home is a smart decision. These three features are only the beginning of what this option for window materials has to offer. Take the time to learn more about vinyl, how it has improved over the years, and what makes it such a durable choice for new windows. Once you have a working knowledge of why vinyl is such a good choice, schedule a visit with a contractor. With the aid of the professional, it won't take long to choose the right design, make sure the windows have all the features you want, and lock in a date for the installation to take place.


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