1. Is It Time for New Vinyl Windows on Your Home?

    While residential windows are intended to last for a long time, the day will come when the old ones need to be replaced with new vinyl windows. Recognizing the signs that the time has come for a change is easier than most homeowners think. Here are some of the signs that will help you know when you need to call a contractor and come up with a plan of action.

    The Wood is Beginning to Rot

    Your older home has a lot of style, but the condition of the windows is not all that great. In fact, you've already had to replace a few components because of rotting. Other windows are about to suffer the same fate.

    Instead of spending more money trying to add a few more years to those aging windows, why not consider investing in vinyl windows Toronto? On average, they will last up to 25 years before there is the need to replace them. There will be no worries about rotting sashes or sills, and you can forget about any warping.

    The Windows are Difficult to Operate

    There was a time when you could open and close each window with ease. That came in handy when you wanted to let fresh air into the house or enjoy a cool breeze. Now you find it so hard to raise and lower a sash that you decide to forget the whole thing.

    Wouldn't it be nice to once again open and close your windows any time you like? If that sounds appealing, now is the time to think about replacing those older windows with new ones. Vinyl windows are easy to operate and provide the tight seal that you want when the sashes are closed.

    The Windows Make the House Look Bad

    There's no getting around the fact that the current windows bring down the look of your home. While you can close the drapes and hide ugly windows from the inside that's not an option for the exterior. Until you make a change, no amount of work on the facade or the grounds will prevent the windows from making the place look a little run down.

    Once you have those vinyl windows installed, the look of your house will improve noticeably. Even without changing anything else, the home will be more likely to catch the eye of people who pass by. Be prepared for compliments on the way your home looks once those new windows are in place.

    The Heating and Cooling Costs are Increasing

    You've already had the HVAC system checked and it's working fine. A quick review of the utility bills confirms there has been no increase in the rates. What you do notice is that it's taking more energy to control the temperature inside the home.

    Since you've eliminated other causes for the higher energy consumption, it makes sense to find out if the windows are the problem. A contractor can check the windows and perform what is known as an energy audit. If the audit indicates the windows are not providing adequate protection from the elements, you definitely need to have them replaced. Choosing to put off the project means you will spend an increasing amount of your income on utilities.

    A Different Window Style Would Be Nice

    The windows do work properly but you are not happy with the style. It could be anything from the number and size of the panes, the fact that you don't care for awning windows, or that you would like something other than the traditional two-sash design.

    If you don't like the current style, find out more about the different designs available with vinyl windows. One of them is bound to appeal to your senses and ensure you are happier with the overall look and function.

    You are Tired of Painting the Windows

    The current set of windows require painting every few years. When the home was first purchased, chores of this type were actually fun. These days, you would prefer to spend your time doing just about anything but devoting several weekends to scraping, sanding, and repainting the windows.

    One of the perks of installing windows Pickering is that you never have to apply any paint. The colour is in the vinyl proper and resists fading. Instead of having to paint, all you need to do is clean the windows from time to time. That frees up more time to focus on other things you would like to do around the house.

    You Are Thinking of Selling the Property

    Change is in the air and you plan on selling the home in the next few years. Perhaps you are downsizing now that the kids are grown. Maybe you will be upgrading to a larger home as your family grows. There may be a plan to move to another party of the country. Whatever the reason, you want to the house to be at its best when you place it on the market.

    Newer windows will definitely capture the attention of prospective buyers. The fact that they operate so easily and do such a great job of preventing drafts make the property more attractive. Thanks to the new windows, the odds of selling the home sooner rather than later are much higher.

    Along with increasing the odds for a faster sale, there is the matter of what the property will command on the market. Homes with newer vinyl windows tend to sell at higher prices than similar homes with older and potentially less functional windows. By making the investment in new windows, you increase the chances of receiving higher offers for the property.

    Contact a window professional today and arrange for a complete inspection. Discuss the range of benefits that vinyl windows have to offer and the styles that would work well with your home. It won't take long to find the perfect solution, lock in the price, and set a date for the new window installation.


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