1. Can I Replace My Windows in the Winter?

    Conventional wisdom holds that replacing windows is something that needs to take place during warm weather, preferably in the spring or the autumn. In fact, there is no reason why homeowners can't arrange for a complete window replacement any time they like. Here are some points to keep in mind if the decision is made move forward with a Burlington windows replacement during cold weather.

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    One Window at a Time

    A primary concern that many homeowners have is that replacing the windows in winter means the house will be freezing during the process. That won't happen, because the team managing the new window installation will only replace one window at a time.

    As part of the effort, the team will use plastic to create a barrier on the inside part of the opening. That barrier does not interfere with the installation of the new window frame or any of the components. What it will do is keep the cold air from filling the room and causing the heating system to run constantly.

    As each of the windows in Burlington are installed, the team moves on to the next one in the sequence. While it may take a little longer, this incremental process ensures the house remains warm and the client does not have to deal with chilly conditions inside.

    The Ideal Fit

    The installation team knows how to fit the windows to allow for the expansion and contraction that comes with changing weather conditions. This happens any time new windows are installed, not just in cold weather. While the process is a little different, the fit will be snug and there will be no gaps that lead to decreased energy efficiency.

    Closing the Doors Helps

    Another tactic that helps is to close the interior doors leading into a room while the wood or vinyl window replacement is in progress. Shutting off the room from the rest of the house further minimizes any air seepage and allows the homeowner to maintain a comfortable temperature in other parts of the home. The door can be left open again once the exterior and interior work is finished.

    Drop Cloths are Great

    While much of the window replacement work takes place outside, the team will have to come in to manage the alignment and some general work around the window casing. During cold weather, that means tracking in dirt, snow, and other grime. Protect the carpeting or floors by putting down drop cloths, a tarp, or something else that protects the flooring. There will be less to clean up once the job is done.

    If the windows are in poor shape, waiting until spring to have them replaced is not an option. A better solution is to talk with a contractor and arrange for a complete window replacement now. Even though the weather outside is cold and dreary, the right team of installers will know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Best of all, the house will be much easier to heat once those new windows are in place.


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