1. 3 Window Designs That Improve Home Resale Value

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    When thinking about improving the resale value of their homes, most property owners focus on a fresh coat of paint, neatly manicured lawns and new appliances. However, installing new windows in Oakville can make more of an impact on your home's value than you realize. Below are 3 window designs that are known to improve the value of a property by a significant amount.

    1. Bay and Bow Windows

    Over the past few years, this window style has been making quite a comeback for many reasons. Not only do they let more light into the rooms that they are installed in; they have more than one opening section, which enables them to promote a batter flow of air than some other varieties of windows. Bay and bow windows in Richmond Hill are also able to provide additional seating in a room – in most cases; they are used as reading nooks. Owing to the fact that these windows protrude outwards from the building, they add a little extra space to the rooms that they have been installed in as well. This is a definite bonus in cases where rooms are a little on the small side to begin with.

    2. Slider Windows

    Available as single and double slider units, these windows in Richmond Hill allow for an excellent amount of airflow into a home. They are an ideal solution for use in areas where space is limited, such as on walkways, in alleyways or on homes that have been built within a few feet of each other. Single and double slider window units allow for an unobstructed view as well, making them a great option in areas where beautiful scenery abounds. Slider windows are also among the easiest types of windows to operate. Young kids and the elderly are able to use them with ease and they are easy to keep clean and maintain as well. However, in cases where kids are known climbers, it may sometimes be necessary to install locks on these units.

    3. Awning Windows

    When installing replacement windows in Oakville, awning units can help increase a home's value as well. These windows not only look extremely attractive; they are one of few types of windows that can be left open to promote airflow while it is raining. This is especially advantageous in cases where a home experiences interior dampness during wet weather. In cases where privacy is a concern, these windows can be installed a little higher than other styles and still allow sufficient air to flow through a home. When closed, these windows seal extremely tightly as well, which means that the newer energy-efficient types will be able to help reduce utility bills as well.

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